Translation EN-FR-ES

I provide this service from English and French into Spanish.

The domains of specialisation I usually work on are legal, commercial, economic, and marketing translation – or transcreation. I have also gathered some experience in the translation of international bodies documents.

The most common documents include contracts, agreements and memoranda; incorporation deeds and articles of association, annual accounts and business reports, but also other business, tourist, university – records, degrees – and technical documents.

Sworn Translation EN-ES-EN

I am a sworn/official translator for the English language appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affaires from 2000. This appointment enables me to make sworn or official translations in the combinantions English into Spanish and viceversa.

Any document may be subject to official translation, most of the times because public administration or governmental bodies require sworn translations to comply with certain procedures. In general, the most usual documents I work with when providing this service are academic documents – records, degrees -, but also other documents such as judicial orders or other kind of legal documents.

Revision EN-FR-ES

Revision is the service by which a professional translator/reviser checks the translation provided by another colleague translator. This revision includes checking the original and translation texts in case there is missing or added information. And as far as the translation is concerned the analysis is focused on the outlook of spelling, language style or content errors.

Post-Editing EN-FR-ES

This service is mostly provided to language service providers (translation agencies) and consists in post-editing machine or automatic translation jobs.

Post-editing services seek to render machine translations as if they were done by humans. A very challenging job!

Big corporations tend to use this kind of translation for translating, for example, e-commerce websites.